The French Federation of Real Estate Buyer Agents is committed :



Vis-à-vis buyers

The FFCI offers a tailor made service to buyers seeking a residence or holiday home (apartment or house), office space, land, a building, etc.

« You have no time or are physically unavailable to search for your future housing? For a purchase in all tranquility, a FFCI buyer’s agent will take charge of your search. »

Represented across France, the FFCI buyer agents commit to :

  • a code of ethics,
  • full representation of the client,
  • a qualitative approach and rigorous pre-selection of property,
  • strict compliance with the law (including professional licensing and no handling fees).
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Buyers agents

Vis-à-vis buyers agents

The FFCI represents the vast majority of buyer agents practicing or wishing to practice within the boundaries of the law.

« Let’s Speak as one voice to efficiently promote our profession. »

Represented in a vast number of French cities, members benefit by :

  • quality assurance and logistical support due to the grouping of human and financial assets,
  • greater visibility and means of communication on a national level,
  • partnership and exchanges on client projects,
  • representation vis-à-vis public authorities and professionals.
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Public authorities
and professionals

Vis-à-vis public authorities and professionals

The FFCI represents buyer agents to public authorities, professional trade unions, the Association of Notaries, etc., by promoting and establishing itself throughout the profession as well as defending its interests.

The FFCI is an active partner of real estate professionals (agencies, development companies, etc.) and operates with absolute transparency and in the interest of the client.

« Let’s talk and collaborate in the interest of the client’s total satisfaction. »

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FFCI, first Federation of Buyer Agents

The profession of buyer agent – or apartment hunter – has been developing in France since the beginning of the year 2000 and revolves around one simple concept : a tailor made service for the purchaser.
This innovative activity has matured to become, in 2007, the French Federation of Real Estate Buyer Agents (FFCI) which ensures standards and quality vis-à-vis buyers, buyer agents, public authorities and professionals.